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Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest…connecting people with nature.
Founded in 1929 by Isaac Wolfe Bernheim, the Arboretum boasts a long history of growing plants and creating beautiful landscapes. Adhering to ecologically sound practices in many endeavors, Bernheim's horticulture legacy continues to thrive in over 600 acres of arboretum collections. Renowned collections include our American Hollies, Oaks, Maples, Ginkgo, Crabapples and Buckeyes.
Within this site, you can explore 2,739 living collection plants located on the Arboretum’s grounds. This site is for pure horticulture information. For information on Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest as a destination, please visit the main website at
Please note: The plants listed in this search are not for sale. We have an active exchange program with other like organizations worldwide. This search portal only returns results on plants cultivated on The Arboretum grounds in the living collections. It does not include nursery plants. If you are looking for additional information that is not listed within, please contact the Plant Records Coordinator,

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